Legislature approves capital budget providing $4 million for Wenatchi Landing sewer project

The new two-year state capital budget passed by the Legislature on Sunday includes a $4 million appropriation for the Wenatchi Landing sewer extension project.

“I’m thrilled that the capital budget provides full funding for Wenatchi Landing,” said Hawkins. “This is a huge opportunity for our valley, and I’ve never thought I’d be so excited about a sewer extension, but I am. The project could greatly enhance economic development opportunities and the overall quality of life in the Wenatchee Valley and beyond. The approved capital budget funds many important priorities for our district, but this one was my focus this year.”

The Wenatchi Landing sewer extension project, discussed locally and in the planning stages for several years, involves a fully installed road, water line, and sewer extension that could lead to many regional benefits for responsible housing, commercial development, and recreational space. Phase 1 of the project (estimated to cost $4 million) includes an extension of sewer infrastructure past 35th Street NW outside of East Wenatchee.

“I want to extend my thanks to all of those involved in this effort to secure funding, including Representatives Steele and Goehner, and all of the staff and elected commissioners of Douglas County, Port of Douglas County, Douglas County Sewer District, and officials at the local PUD, school district, fire district, park district, water district, and chamber who helped advocate for this project,” said Hawkins. “It truly has been a team effort.”

The new capital budget funds several important projects in the 12th Legislative District.

To see the list of district projects, go here.