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August 22, 2023

Hawkins announces 7th annual listening tour!

State Senator Brad Hawkins’ 7th annual 12th District “listening tour” will take place September 5th through 8th. This year’s listening tour will be split between the traditional areas of the 12th District and the new areas of the district resulting from last year’s state redistricting. The first portion of the tour will take place on Tuesday,...
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May 16, 2023

Hawkins’ statement on passage of bipartisan drug possession bill

State Sen. Brad Hawkins issued the following statement on the passage of the bipartisan drug possession legislation, Senate Bill 5536. “I’m thankful to Governor Inslee for calling this special session because Washington needed to establish a statewide framework for drug possession. Clarifying our drug possession law was one of the most important issues of the...
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May 02, 2023

Governor Signs Hawkins’ Regional Sports Complex bill

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee signed Senator Hawkins’ Senate Bill 5001 into law yesterday, allowing communities to form a second public facilities district. Hawkins’ legislation is aimed at supporting development of a regional sports complex in the greater Wenatchee area and authorizes local governments to join together to seek voter approval of regional facilities. The bill...
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March 13, 2023

Local stakeholders urge passage of Regional Sports Complex bill

Numerous local governments and organizations have sent a letter to House Local Government Committee members urging passage of Senate Bill 5001 sponsored by 12th District Sen. Brad Hawkins. Senate Bill 5001, which passed the Senate unanimously on March 1st after successfully advancing through three Senate committees is now scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday before...
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March 08, 2023

Wenatchee High School student sings National Anthem to open State Senate

Wenatchee High School student, Violet Madson, sang the National Anthem Wednesday, March 8, to open the State Senate on a key day of voting. Madson, a senior and soprano, is the winner of the Wenatchee Valley Symphony Orchestra’s Young Musician Competition. She was invited by Sen. Brad Hawkins who coordinated the opportunity for Violet to...
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March 03, 2023

Hawkins issues statement on passage of Senate’s drug possession bill

The Washington State Senate today approved Senate Bill 5536 sponsored by  Sen. June Robinson, D-Everett. It represents the first major step this legislative session to address a temporary drug possession law that sunsets this July. In 2021, the State Supreme Court’s Blake Decision struck down Washington’s felony drug possession statute as unconstitutional. Legislators approved a temporary...
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