02-19-16 RADIO: Reps. Condotta and Hawkins talk with KOZI about education, budget (audio)

Reps. Cary Condotta and Brad Hawkins, both Republicans from East Wenatchee, spent time with KOZI talking about a recent revenue forecast that shows a slowing economy.  Condotta, who has long been cautioning an attitude of care when it comes to the budget, refrained from saying, “I told you so.”  Instead, he detailed his attitude toward the flurry of bills which recently came before lawmakers in the House.  Said Condotta, “I think my ‘no’ button may be just about broken.”  The legislator sits on the Appropriations Committee and feels a deep responsibility when it comes to balancing the budget.

Hawkins also talked about the recent revenue forecast and spent a great deal of time working to edify the listeners about activities by lawmakers concerning education, the McCleary decision, and legislation which is designed to get to an overall solution when it comes to school funding.  Hawkins patiently went through the ins and outs of a recent bill that mandates the formation of a task force to carefully examine levies in Washington’s 295 school districts.  The final goal is reform, but Hawkins the was clear that there is no fast track in reaching that objective.  The bill has already passed the House and Senate and is now headed to the Governor’s desk for a signature.

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