01-11-16: Rep. Brad Hawkins seeks to protect cities from fire danger (audio)

Legislator:  Rep. Brad Hawkins
Date Recorded:  01-11-16
Run Time:  :39
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SUGGESTED LEAD: Wildfire danger is taking top billing at the statehouse this week. Thursday, lawmakers will discuss a measure that would give local cities and counties greater authority to enact fireworks ordinances.

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Johnson: Current law says that if a city or county adopts a fireworks ordinance more strict than state minimum standards, they have to wait a year before it goes into effect. Republican Brad Hawkins of East Wenatchee says in today’s climate, that’s too long.

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Member: “We should be able to empower the local leaders at the local levels to make the decisions that they believe are in the best interest of the communities. That’s why they’re elected to do that.”

Johnson: Hawkins and democrat Mia Gregerson of SeaTac have teamed up on the bill. After a deadly year of fires, they’ve attracted 30 bipartisan lawmakers to co-sponsor it. Says Gregorson, “Communities should be able to implement restrictions immediately.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.

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