Stakeholders discuss SR 203 Roundabout near Carnation

Various stakeholders (city, county, tribe, and chamber groups) have joined forces since last summer to advocate for funding a roundabout at the SR 203 and Tolt Hill Road intersection. This is a dangerous intersection and the location of multiple accidents. Stakeholders met recently with transportation committee leaders and other legislators to discuss potential funding opportunities.

Statement – Sen. Hawkins

“We had a great meeting on Feb. 14 and I’m very proud of all the stakeholders for making such a strong case to get this project funded. It’s exciting to see how much progress this group has made over the past several months to come together and speak together with a unified voice to support this project.”

“Getting the project funded this year is nearly impossible, given the circumstances with transportation shortfalls this year, but the group made a strong case for the project. I know the transportation committee leaders were impressed with the strength and diversity of the group. We definitely established a strong foundation for support for the 2025 legislative session, if funding isn’t available this year.”

“I’m grateful to WSDOT who has worked hard to provide the group with a viable design and timely cost estimate. They have shared that due to other scheduled construction projects, they couldn’t realistically get this project completed – even if funded – until 2026 at the earliest, so we may have more time to work on the funding.”

View Stakeholder Support Packet

View Proposed Elliptical Roundabout


  • Sen. Brad Hawkins, Senate Transportation Committee member (12th District)
  • Rep. Keith Goehner, House Transportation Committee member (12th District)
  • Rep. Mike Steele, House Republican Deputy Leader (12th District)
  • Sen. Marko Liias, Senate Transportation Committee Chair
  • Sen. Curtis King, Senate Transportation Committee Ranking Member
  • Sarah Perry, King County Councilmember
  • Matthew Randazzo, Snoqualmie Tribe
  • Nathan Sherfey, Remlinger Farms and Chamber
  • Cheryl Paquette, Remlinger Farms and Chamber
  • Gary Remlinger, Remlinger Farms
  • Jim Ribail, Mayor of Carnation
  • Jessica Merizan, City of Carnation City Council
  • Kelly Coughlin, Sno Valley Chamber
  • Mac Nicholson, King County staff
  • Rhonda Ender, City of Carnation
  • Bob Grassie, Sno Valley Chamber Board President
  • Senate Transportation Committee and Legislative Staff