Wenatchee High School student sings National Anthem to open State Senate

Wenatchee High School student, Violet Madson, sang the National Anthem Wednesday, March 8, to open the State Senate on a key day of voting. Madson, a senior and soprano, is the winner of the Wenatchee Valley Symphony Orchestra’s Young Musician Competition. She was invited by Sen. Brad Hawkins who coordinated the opportunity for Violet to sing the anthem in the Senate chambers.

Hawkins said, “It was so great to have Violet sing the anthem to start today’s long day of voting. A flag procession, flag salute, and prayer are pretty standard to begin each day of voting, but hearing Violet sing the anthem was amazing. My colleagues and I all thought she was exceptional because she is.”

Violet, who has been auditioning before east coast college musical programs over the past several weeks was excited to sing at the State Capitol. She said, “I’ve been singing the national anthem at swim meets and other events since I was 5 years old. It’s something that’s just so natural to me and I would have never expected anything to come from it. Now that I’m here in Olympia at the Capitol Building, it’s just a really cool experience.”

In attendance to support Violet were her parents, brother, and grandparents.

Today is the final day of Senate voting on its March 8th cutoff date for bills that originated in the Senate to be approved by the Senate.

Watch the opening ceremonies by clicking here. 

Sen. Hawkins Interview with Violet and her National Anthem

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