$85 million “match” for Wenatchee’s Confluence Parkway included in negotiated “Move Ahead Washington” proposal

$4.5 million also included for a Highway 2 pedestrian undercrossing in Leavenworth

House and Senate negotiators this afternoon released their “Conference Report” for the “Move Ahead Washington” transportation proposal, a 16-year, $16.9 billion transportation investment package negotiated by the legislative transportation committee chairs. The package includes $85 million for an “Infra Grant Match” that state Sen. Brad Hawkins says corresponds to the precise amount needed to complete Wenatchee’s Confluence Parkway (see here, Page 2, Item 42).

The Wenatchee Valley received a federal Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (Infra) grant in 2021 for a collection of various projects named the “Apple Capital Loop,” which includes Confluence Parkway as the featured project. The $134 million Confluence Parkway project received $49 million in Infra grant awards for that particular portion of the loop projects, leaving $85 million unfunded.

The negotiated proposal also includes $4.5 million for a Highway 2 pedestrian undercrossing in Leavenworth (click here, Item 43).

The negotiated package still needs to receive House and Senate approval, which is expected by tomorrow, the final day of the Legislature’s 60-day session. Per legislative rules, amendments are not permitted for conference reports, just “up or down” votes.

For an aerial image of Wenatchee showing the Confluence Parkway bridge location, click here.

“Many thanks to Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz, Richard DeRock of Link Transit, Jeff Wilkens of the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council, and Congresswoman Kim Schrier, who all worked closely with me over the past several weeks to secure funding for this project,” said Hawkins.

“This is a win for legislators and the Wenatchee Valley community, following the earlier success of Congresswoman Schrier securing the federal funds. I’m grateful to Mayor Kuntz and everyone involved for their steadfast support for this project over the past decade,” added Hawkins.

The Confluence Parkway project would help mitigate the growing traffic challenges in north Wenatchee near the Wenatchee River. The project includes a new roadway and new bridge connecting to the U.S. 2/97 interchange and offers benefits for Link Transit, as well as trail and pedestrian modifications. Kuntz, DeRock, and Wilkens highlighted the project in a Feb. 3 PowerPoint presentation to Senate Transportation Committee Chair Marko Liias, Hawkins, and others – click here.


What supporters are saying:

“Completing the Confluence Parkway is critical to the Wenatchee Valley’s future, and that is the message I conveyed to my friends in the State Legislature in recent weeks. The federal government has already committed nearly $50 million to the project. Now I am thrilled to see that the Legislature is stepping up to fund this important work, too. Thank you to Senator Hawkins for his resolute commitment to getting this done.”

Congresswoman Kim Schrier, 8th Congressional District


“We’ve always believed in Confluence Parkway as the region’s proactive plan to support sustainable growth. The $85 million allocation fully funds the project along with local and federal dollars. It has been an all-hands on deck approach to get this project to the finish line and we are so grateful to the State Legislature for investing in the Wenatchee Valley for generations to come.”

Mayor Frank Kuntz, City of Wenatchee


“This is a huge win for the Wenatchee Valley. We’re grateful the Legislature stepped forward as a funding partner in the Confluence Parkway project, securing our ability to move forward with this transformative investment in the region’s future.”

Jeff Wilkens, Executive Director of the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council


“It is wonderful news to see the State Legislature recognize the critical importance of the completion of the truly multi-modal transportation project that is Confluence Parkway. This unique partnership project will provide real improvements to the pedestrian, bike, and transit users of the transportation corridor in a safe and sensitive manner that respects and enhances the experience of the Confluence area.”

Richard DeRock, General Manager of Link Transit